Cubby, Roo and I couldn’t be happier than we are now, relaxing in bed together! My snuggly bugs are so sweet! 💖🐾
👍😎 (at Black & Brew Coffee House & Bistro)
Hey!! I don't want this to sound creepy but I searched the tag Lakeland Florida and a lot of your stuff came up. I'll be down in Lakeland for 3 weeks starting next Monday. What is there for fun to do?

Not sure if I caught you in time. I can’t see a date on this message, and for some reason I wasn’t notified that I’d received one.

Anyway, are you still here in L-Town?

this guy!
ybor-bound tonight 😊👍
traffic on 98 sucks at 5 o’clock.
my space. What does #yourspace look like?
My space. #yourspace